LXDE: Refreshing Menu Cache

There have been quite a few times where I have come across problems refreshing the main menu in the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE). Adding and removing menu items or software from the repo doesn’t fix the issue.

The problem is that the menu may be looking at some static files in a few different places in your local directory to determine what is shown. Deleting the files followed by refreshing the lxmenu should fix the problem and update the main menu icons.

Delete/Move/Rename the following files:


Then, from a terminal, refresh the lxmenu with this command:

$ lxpanelctl restart

Check the menu and make sure the icons have been updated.

Bash/Shell script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# Remove old configurations
rm -vf “${HOME}/.config/menus/lxde-applications.menu” “${HOME}/.config/menus/debian-menu.menu”

# Reload the panel
lxpanelctl restart


3 comments on “LXDE: Refreshing Menu Cache

    • I don’t know, sounds like a different issue. Did you try clearing the cache like in the tutorial? Make any difference? I don’t think I’ve experienced what you describe. The menu freezes, as in, it stays on the screen & you can’t select anything on it?

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