How to Install FreeBSD

*!!!* This tutorial is a work in progress *!!!*

Don’t know what BSD is? Check out this page.

Installing Base System

First boot into the FreeBSD installation media (cd/dvd/usb). When the boot loader is displayed press “1” to boot into multi-user mode. If booting fails try changing some boot settings from the boot loader or try single-user mode. Once the machine has booted correctly the install wizard should be displayed. If not, and you are at a text input prompt with a “#” then something went wrong. It is possible to install the system from this prompt but I won’t go into that (as I don’t know how yet).

Installing Software

Recommended software:
pkg_search – Search utility for installable packages/ports.
nano – A command-line interface text editor (more novice friendly than vi)
sudo – Use elevated privileges as a super user.

Setting Up the X Server

To be continued…


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