Name: Jordan Irwin
Alias: AntumDeluge

Religious Affiliation:




Favorite Musicians:

Favorite Authors:

Favorite Artists/Painters:

Favorite Mixed Martial Artists:

Contact Information:

  • Email:
    • antumdeluge@gmail.com
    • antumdeluge@hotmail.com (@outlook.com)
    • antumdeluge@yahoo.com
  • Chat:
    • Freenode IRC: AntumDeluge
    • Jabber: antumdeluge@jabber.ru
    • Discord: AntumDeluge

6 comments on “About

  1. Hello,
    I love Debreate, I have used it successfully on Lubuntu (an old version), but I cannot install it in Debian because the Python version in the repository is 3, but Debreate asks for 2.8.
    Do have any idea about how to make it work there?

    • I am guessing that you meant ‘wxPython’ (python-wxgtk2.8), as Debreate uses Python version 2.7 which should still be available in current Debian & Ubuntu distributions. Yes, it is a little bit of a problem because newer Debian & Ubuntu have deprecated/obsoleted version 2.8 of wxgtk.

      However, I am currently working on a new release that supports python-wxgtk3.0. The unstable version is available on GitHub. It is not thoroughly tested yet, so it may have a lot of bugs.

      If you want to use the stable version, you could try enabling Debian’s backports repository or adding a repository from an older version to your /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d. That is what I did with my Ubuntu/Mint system. The current 16.04 (xenial) repositories don’t have python-wxgtk2.8. So I added a repo from 15.10 (wily).

      deb http://ubuntu.osuosl.org/ubuntu wily main restricted universe multiverse

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