25 comments on “Add New Facebook Chat Protocol to Pidgin

  1. One problem: it doesn’t automatically group my Facebook friends in a Facebook group. So now they’re all merged with my Jabber contacts which is pretty annoying. Used to work fine with the XMPP Facebook.

  2. I’m using the plugin for some time now and it works great. The only thing I have trouble with is that every time I wake up my pc from sleep a pop-up window appears stating that the plugin could not connect to server and therefore it disabled the plugin and I have to re-enable the plugin manually. It’s bit annoying. Is it just me having this problem?

    • I’m using Debian Linux with the Cinnamon desktop and didn’t have any issues when I woke the computer from sleep/suspend. It did, however, seem to have a bit of trouble reconnecting after I put it in hibernate. Don’t know if it’s the same problem, I didn’t get any pop-up. There have been times when I logged in that it wouldn’t connect and I had to hit “reconnect” or “re-enable”. I don’t know what the issue could be though.

  3. I tried to install it on linux mint 17.2 but it doesnt work it says “Permission non accordée” (no permission) when i try ./configure ; i tried to sudo it but doesnt work either. Sorry to ask, it must be trivial but what should I do ?

  4. I have a problem, after installing plugin, I do not have “Facebook” on the list only “Facebook (XMPP)” and “XMPP”, what is wrong?

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